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Crocheters have in common, we all have way more than one project going at once! I will have a project going and then see something else I want to try and I simply must try it then and there and, of course, new yarn distracts me worse than a magpie with something shiny!

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What’s the future for crochet and yarn lovers?

When most people think about crochet and yarn crafts, images of woolly blankets created by lovingly by older relatives, ‘granny squares’ bound together in mismatched leftover yarns, or cute little baby clothes. But as craft work trends….

The journey · Tips & Hacks

Making a Tight Crochet Curly Tail Also Known as a ‘Curly Cue’

You may have seen that many amigurumi toys such as Unicorns or Octopi have curly tails, manes or tentacles? Well, today I became a little frustrated that my curly tails were not always tight curls so I started to try different methods to see how to keep them tight and the answer is actually pretty… Continue reading Making a Tight Crochet Curly Tail Also Known as a ‘Curly Cue’