What exactly is Nearest’n’Dearest?

Initially, it was to keep me creative and positive upon leaving university. I worked as a waitress and receptionist and, in between, would create all kinds of fiddly little wonders – personalised cards, jewellery, invitations, key rings and so on. At first, I was just playing around, this was just for me, sometimes they became little presents for friends, then I started making them, just as favours for friends and family (my nearest and dearest … see what I did there?! :oD) and then, thanks to word of mouth, I soon started taking orders and pitching stalls at craft fairs! But then life happened and I started working in a 9-5 office job and, until recently, my creativity began to subside, waned by the mundane grind of fluorescent lighting and deadlines.

Naturally, as a creative, I knew I had to get my ‘juices’ flowing again and, inspired by a friend, I turned to my equally creative mother who taught me how to crochet my first granny square. Since then I have fallen in love with crocheting and love trying new projects and stitches.

For now, this is my journey, from a hope-filled beginner working on the transformation to becoming an expert ‘hooker’, learning new tricks, sharing my other projects and crafty wonders too … please follow me as I join the crochet and yarn community!

Feel free to contact me for questions, orders or even challenge me to a new stitch!

– Sammie