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2018 begins with a Bullet Journal, a Bucket List and a Blanket

This year I tried something new that I have seen a lot of in the last year, a bullet journal. My sister kindly gave me a dotted one for Christmas and I spent hours filling in the pages to help keep me focused and on track in the New Year.

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Crocheters have in common, we all have way more than one project going at once! I will have a project going and then see something else I want to try and I simply must try it then and there and, of course, new yarn distracts me worse than a magpie with something shiny!

The journey · Tips & Hacks

Making a Tight Crochet Curly Tail Also Known as a ‘Curly Cue’

You may have seen that many amigurumi toys such as Unicorns or Octopi have curly tails, manes or tentacles? Well, today I became a little frustrated that my curly tails were not always tight curls so I started to try different methods to see how to keep them tight and the answer is actually pretty… Continue reading Making a Tight Crochet Curly Tail Also Known as a ‘Curly Cue’